Honeyrose London Herbal Cigarettes Deluxe


Our Classic herbal smoke made from a blend of organic herbs and matured in honey and fruit juices. Read full product description of Honeyrose London Herbal Cigarettes Deluxe, before you Add to Cart.


Honeyrose herbal smokes are a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. Honeyrose smokes do not contain any tobacco or nicotine and contain a minimum amount of tar. The result is a herbal cigarette which features 100% organic, wildcrafted herbs such as clover leaves, marshmallow leaves and rose petals, which are matured in honey and fruit juices.

Honeyrose De Luxe Herbal Cigarettes have a full flavour created by the addition of extra honey and fruit juices. These cigarettes have a tar level of 6 mg. Packaged in a Slide n’ Shell box.

Guaranteed tobacco free and nicotine free. Made in England.